Hennepin History Museum Partnership

The Hennepin History Museum - located in Minneapolis, Minnesota - recently partnered with Saving Tape Media Conversion in the digital scanning and archiving of recently discovered 16mm film footage from the Minneapolis Aquatennial, circa 1943. The footage represents a critical missing link in the museum's film footage.

The Hennepin History Museum is the leading archivist of historical 16mm & 8mm movie film, as well as photographs related to the Minneapolis Aquatennial. Having the movie film scanned as HD digital movies will allow for easy distribution, web posting and incorporation into future public exhibits. Curators are currently assessing their entire archive of 16mm film, 8mm film, video and audio tape as preparation for digital conversion. Digital transfer of all these media are critical in order to avoid  certain loss and degradation of the analog media over time.

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Testimonial from Susan S.

Saving Tape did an excellent job of converting slides and home movies from my parents' estate. The conversion represents a lifetime of my father's hobby of photographing and filming family events and vacations. Each sibling has a flash drive and DVD of the archive, and the original slides are ordered and packaged so that they can be easily stored.

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Testimonial from Jim B.

 I've used Saving Tape for 16mm home movie conversion, slide scanning, and VHS digitization. In regards to their results and service, I have two comments. First, the technical quality of the work is exceptional. Their investment of equipment and knowledge to digitally scan film is apparent in the results. Compared to a typical mass-market digitization service, Saving Tape aims much higher, and they hit their mark. For each of my projects they have exceeded expectations, Second, Thor and company have built a business that, in my opinion, finds the balance point between process efficiency and customization. For each project, they have met my deadlines while also accommodating my requirements for media organization, file formats and even shipping. Saving Tape does it right.

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Testimonial from Teri M.

Thor did a wonderful job on a huge family archive project. The films were cleaned and rendered into digital images as sharp as the day they were taken 50 years ago. Thank you, Thor!

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Testimonial from Jack Z.

 I have submitted work to Thor for over five years, and my experience has been great. Not only has Thor helped me convert very old tapes to DVDs, he has helped me develop collages and several films/DVDs. He has been prompt, efficient, and most helpful, especially when I have had a deadline or an emergency. My wife, too, requested that he convert a series of photos so that they might all be shown on a DVD as a kind of movie. The results were perfect.

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Happy Savingtape Clients -- Our film transfer clients include the Minnesota Historical Society, the Hennepin History Museum and others. We gladly provide free output samples on film archive projects over 5,000 feet.