AMC Car Show Video Goes Viral

Saving Tape Media Conversion partnered with Byrd Pictures and 36/Lyn Refuel Station to capture the sights and sounds of the North Star AMC 10 Year Anniversary Car Show, on August 7, 2016. The resulting video was posted on social media and subsequently enjoyed by ten of thousands of viewers and was share by hundreds. To create the production, the videography team used HD high definition DSLR cameras. Saving Tape provided both pre-production, post-production, editing and web transfer services. The event was held in South Minneapolis, one of the rising urban hot-spots in Minnesota.

The relationship with the folks at AMC started when they asked Saving Tape to digitally convert a classic 16mm film to HD high definition digital Mp4 format. They also took home both video DVD's and BluRay disks as deliverables. The 16mm optical sound film featured AMC cars as they were entering the racing world back in the 1970's. The local AMC club was so impressed with the outcome that they asked they team at Saving Tape to capture on HD video the upcoming car show.

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16mm Film Converted to Book Cover

Minnesota author James Eli Shiffer's newly published book "The King of Skid Row" uses numerous images throughout the narrative that are derived from a frame-by-frame high definition (HD) scan of a vintage 16mm film titled "Skid Row". Saving Tape Media Conversion restored the 16mm film and output sequential .jpeg images for each of the 43,000 frames of the film. Shiffer was able to select individual images and incorporate into the book narrative. In addition, the book's beautifully designed cover features one of the key frames from the film.

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The Billy Hallquist Basement Tapes


Magic Marc Productions and the team at Saving Tape have collaborated on a project we are calling "The Billy Hallquist Basement Tapes" - digitizing previously unreleased reel to reel audio tape demos of ailing Minnesota music legend Billy Hallquist. In addition to transferring the reel to reel audio tapes to digital files for distribution on the web and social media, our team is also digitally remastering video tape segments from Billy's concert and television appearances. Saving Tape is donating all production services as a tribute to Minnesota's own - Billy Hallquist. Wishing you all the best Billy!



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Mixed Blood Theater Digitizes Production Archives

Mixed Blood Theater recently approached Saving Tape for help digitizing their archive of production videotapes. Saving Tape worked within their limited budget to create high quality digital files for archiving, copying, editing, web-posting and more. The digital transfers consisted mainly of VHS tapes, Video 8 cassettes, as well as Digi 8 cassettes. The result was compiled on a single external hard.

Mixed Blood subsequently interviewed Saving Tape owner, Thor Anderson, and video conversion technician Skyler Nowinski. The results are posted on their blog - MixedBloodblog

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Miracle Cleaning of Carleton College 78 Archive

Saving Tape Media Conversion is partnering with Carleton College in Northfield, MN to clean and convert a large archive of 16mm film and one-of-a-kind 78 transcription records from their historical archives. The 78 records arrived covered with palmitic acid residue. Our team formulated a chemical solution which removed the palmitic acid without harming the records. We've created this video to demonstrate the dramatic transformation from unplayable to pristinely clean. Following cleaning we transferred the audio to digital using a custom matched Rek-O-Kut archival stylus. The results are truly remarkable.

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Happy Savingtape Clients -- Our film transfer clients include the Minnesota Historical Society, the Hennepin History Museum and others. We gladly provide free output samples on film archive projects over 5,000 feet.