Transferring VHS to DVD Media

While transferring VHS to DVD was popular for many years, it is no longer a good solution for saving and sharing your home video and movie film content.

Consumer DVD players are no longer found in most homes. Many computers no longer have a DVD drive.

Finally, when a DVD becomes scratched or damaged, it can not be played or duplicated and the content is lost.

That is why at Saving Tape we are committed to providing quality Mp4 movies files of your home video and movie content. Mp4 movie files are easily played on your favorite device and can be copied and shared as many times as you like at no expense. In addition, we are able to store the pure digital files for you on our local hard drives for a full year so that you have the security of backup while you get to know your new movie files.



Q: What if I already had my VHS and camcorder tapes converted to DVD?

We recommend that you have us extract digital Mp4 files from your DVDs so that you don’t risk loss of the video content.

Q: What if my camcorder recorded to miniDVDs? I can’t seem to get those to play on our DVD player?

MiniDVDs were a popular camcorder format for a few years. Many people are not aware that these disks need to be “finalized” on the camcorder before they can be recognized and played by a consumer DVD player.

Q: Can you finalize my miniDVD’s?

Yes, we can finalize and extract quality Mp4 files from your miniDVDs so that they are easily played, stored and copied as desired on your favorite devices.

Happy Savingtape Clients -- Our film transfer clients include the Minnesota Historical Society, the Hennepin History Museum and others. We gladly provide free output samples on film archive projects over 5,000 feet.