The Saving Tape Team

The Saving Tape Team (from left to right- Kyle, Thor, Philip, Adam)
The Saving Tape Team (from left to right- Kyle, Thor, Philip, Adam)

Today we wanted to give introductions to the people you will see when you come into the studio. We will be telling you about interesting things of which all of us are involved in  future posts, so this will be a reference to put faces to the names.

Kyle Sobczak- Kyle has been at the studio for two years. He knows his way around video and audio as good (probably better) as anyone around and is a Final Cut Pro whiz. He is a musician and is in a band called Sleeping in the Aviary ( and they are really good! (check out their brand new album “You and Me, Ghost”)

Adam Byer- Adam is the latest addition to the team and joined the studio this past January. He went to school in Minneapolis at the Institute of Production and Recording and has brought a knowledge of the ever changing modern technology world. He is a musician and plays in a band called Cosmonaught ( and No Longer Music (

Philip Shorey- Philip has been around for a few years now and is our film expert. He has great experience in converting (as well as shooting) all old film types and knows pretty much all there is to know about them. He has a marionette show called The Suitcase Sideshow that he and his wife perform. He is also a musician and has a piano studio at his home called The Music Parlor (The Music Parlor).

Thor Anderson- Owner and fearless leader, Thor opened the studio to give people the chance to preserve their memories that were deteriorating with time. He knows everything about everything at the studio. He loves going fishing with his family and is also a musician (there is a trend forming!). He is also a great videographer and is working on a couple very exciting documentary projects right now, which you will read about in future posts.

That is our team! Keep your eyes on the blog as we will be posting about the things we are all involved with and interested in.


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