Unique Gift Ideas That Will Last Forever from SavingTape

This year give the gift that lasts forever!!

We have created this "Holiday Gift Idea" and "Unique Gift Idea" page to help you find ideas for using media conversion to create the perfect once-in-a-lifetime unique gift.

For Dads or Grandpa - Isn't he always so hard to shop for?

  • Convert your old 8mm, 16mm, or VHS home movies to HD digital movies and share DVD or BluRay copies with family members. Watch the movies together during holiday gatherings.
  • Put dad's glory years and sporting events in high school or college onto a HD digital format and throw away those old dusty VHS tapes.
  • Create a digital slide show from scanned 35mm slides. Enjoy on your HDTV or computer monitor - these are family treasures you haven't seen for years.
For Moms or Grandma - Give your mom or grandma a digital hug with a:
  • A digital slide show from scanned 35mm slides taken during the baby years. Enjoy on your HDTV or computer monitor - these are family treasures you haven't seen for years.
  • Transfer and convert all your past home movies from family holiday events into a single HD digital movie on Bluray or DVD
  • A video montage of all the beautiful antique photos that you still have sitting in that old trunk.
  • Your old wedding video converter from those old dusty VHS tapes into a beautiful HD digital movie easily saved on a DVD or Bluray disk.
For Sweethearts and Partners - Tell them you love them with:
  • A collection of photos of all your romantic moments set to music
  • A video collection of the fun adventures and/or trips you have had together
  • A personalized video or montage telling them how much you love them
For your kids and grandkids
  • Convert VHS home movies and camcorder tapes to create a DVD library of your kid's childhood. Place an extra copy under the Christmas tree for each child.

Here is hoping everyone had a very happy and safe holiday season!!

Feel free to continue submitting your own unique gift suggestions for using media conversion in the comment box below. We might even have a contest for the best gift idea that uses media conversion. Check back in the coming weeks for more ideas.

Still stuck and need more ideas? No problem, call SavingTape at 800-860-7021 and let us help with your gift shopping!

  1. #1 by Samuel D. East on October 12th, 2014

    A collection of photos edited with music is the classic but it still the best way to make your loved one feel more connection to each other. Many thanks for this !!!

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