8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Film Transfer to Digital


We perform stunning, frame-by-frame conversions and are in fact one of the only companies in the entire state of Minnesota that use this much higher quality conversion over that of the typical projection transfer method. We can convert all of your old 8mm and 16mm home movies into high quality digital movies.

8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film scanned to high definition Mp4 files.

$39.95 setup plus $0.49 per foot.

Setup includes film cleaning, splicing and creation of the progressive frame digital files.

Our clientsClients include Minnesota Historical Society, Hennepin History Museum, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and many more! We gladly provide free samples on storage projects exceeding 5,000 feet of film.


For example, a 3″ (50 ft) reel costs $24.50 in addition to the $39.95 setup cost (per project, not per reel).

  • For Super 8 sound and 16mm sound add $0.40 per foot.
  • We hand-clean film and repair sprockets
  • Files are frame accurate at 16, 18 or 24 fps
  • Post-processing in Adobe Premiere

Click here to see a comparison of frame-by-frame vs normal telecine transfer!



We get questions like, “can you convert old super 8 movies to Digital”?

Yes we can and we do this all the time.

How about converting 8mm film and 16mm film into Digital?

Absolutely! Feel free to call our Minneapolis office with any film to digital movie transfer project no matter how big or small.

For sound film there is an extra per foot charge


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Happy Savingtape Clients -- Our film transfer clients include the Minnesota Historical Society, the Hennepin History Museum and others. We gladly provide free output samples on film archive projects over 5,000 feet.